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Diploma in Coaching Supervision

We are delighted to offer two CSA Diploma programmes starting in October 2022

A UK based virtual programme 
Contact Edna Murdoch for more on our rigorous and multi-layered supervision programme. 

Notre programme en Français et en virtuel démarre en octobre 2022.
Contactez Nino Musumeci pour en savoir plus sur notre programme de supervision rigoureux et à multiples facettes

What makes CSA Different?
What distinguishes the CSA Diploma programme is that in addition to a thorough training in classic  supervision models, students will learn about CSA’s Full Spectrum Model of Coaching Supervision.

The Full Spectrum Model incorporates Hawkins & Shohet’s 7-eyed model of Supervision together with core teaching and practice on the Use of Self in  Supervision, multi-dimensional Presence work which utilizes the seminal ideas of Sharmer/Senge et al (TheoryU), work with subtle energies , Buddhist  Psychology, and quantum physics – a living, relational perspective. There is also teaching on Coaching Psychology and on Systems Thinking.

This broad range ensures that the course is both challenging and holistic. Personal Development for Supervisors is foundational and attention is paid to bringing mature reflective practitioners into the profession.

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CSA is proud to have Approved Provider status with the ICF. Our Diploma now carries 108.5 CCEUs. These are made up of 77.5 Core Competencies and 31 Resource Development.


The CSA Diploma Course was one of the first to be accredited and has continuously maintained  this accreditation with EMCC.

“One of the most robust learning opportunities I have experienced in my decades-long professional career.

The program is skillfully designed to include a rich mix of dynamic instruction, insightful readings, experiential learning opportunities, individual supervision and reflective writing. The faculty are leaders in their field who are passionate about the subject matter and skilled at teaching and mentoring.

CSA also created a vibrant learning community where participants felt safe to share their learning journeys and generously provided each other with peer support.

The course exceeded my expectations and enabled a breakthrough in my capacity to be fully present, creative and generative with coaching and supervision clients.

Amy Kosterlitz, JD, PCC, Hudson Institute Master Coach

What is the Diploma in Coaching Supervision?


Interested to know more?

Everyone interested in registering for a place is invited to have a conversation with a founder of CSA or one of our Senior Faculty members.

This is an opportunity for both you and us to determine if this is the right course for you and a chance for you to raise any queries you may have about the content or learning process. Please contact us and we can to make the necessary arrangements

“I feel good supervision also starts with the lightest touch, watching for the magic revelations, that unfold in the sessions”

Katy Mason, AnotherWay, CSA Accredited Supervisor

UK 2022 - Module Dates

Modules will be held virtually using Zoom

Module 1: 13th and 14th October 2022

Module 2: 16th 17th Feb 2023

Module 3: 15th and 16th June 2023

Module 4: 7th and 8th September 2023

 Each day is designed to be experiential and interactive
with plenty of screen breaks

France 2022 - dates du programme

Les modules se dérouleront virtuellement à l'aide de Zoom

Module 1 : 5-6-7 octobre 2022 (3 jours)

Module 2 : 8-9-10 mars 2023 (3 jours)

Module 3 : 15-16 Juin 2023 (2 jours)

Chaque journée est conçue pour être expérientielle et interactive avec de nombreuses pauses écran

Graduates said about our Diploma Programme: 

"CSA's coaching supervision programme is cross-disciplinary & leading edge as it integrates knowledge from many different fields.

Having qualified as a CTI coach it has been liberating to work with many new models & perspectives that have enabled me to deepen & broaden my supervision practice, all in service of my clients. I have felt hugely met & supported throughout the learning journey. I would highly recommend this course to any coach who is ready to take their practice to a new level."

"A complete learning journey..."

Listen to CSA Founder Edna Murdoch and Senior Faculty member Will Medd discuss elements of the Diploma Programme 

"a really exciting, rich program"

"explore the living field of supervision"

"[graduates] use the program to develop and deepen... and build their skills as supervisors.

Listen to CSA Founder Edna Murdoch and Senior Faculty member Lynne Cooper discuss CSA and offer an insight into the Diploma Programme 

CSA across the world

As the leading international provider of supervision training for executive coaches, there are CSA Graduates located in many different countries. They work with CSA to promote first class supervision and coaching CPD at all levels. 

CSA is a trusted global brand, known for its excellent supervision training and for offering supervision services to coaches, mentors, HR, OD, Educators and leaders. Our brilliant – and constantly expanding – international training team works on our programmes in US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. CSA created the popular Supervision Skills Course for Internal Coaches who wish to peer-supervise – this pioneering programme has become one of CSA’s signature offerings.

“People come to the course not for a person but for a team, a vision, a purpose, a culture and an ethos”

The leading international provider of supervision training for Executive Coaches, HR, Leaders, OD, People Professionals and their teams


Coaching Supervision Academy

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 "This book takes the reader into the heart of the practice of supervision – its methods, models and its magic"

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