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Lynne is the Curriculum and Design lead for UK Diploma programme, a former Tutor and Assignment Assessor.
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I am an experienced coach, team coach and coaching supervisor with a background in NLP, Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, working globally both one-to-one and with groups.

I have been coaching leaders and teams for nearly 15 years, and supervising coaches and coaching supervisors since 2009. An Accredited Master Executive Coach and CSA Accredited Coaching Supervisor, I am a course tutor on an accredited coach training course and am part of the CSA faculty.

I maintain a strong relational presence and an approach to coaching supervision that integrates an extensive range of tools and psychological models - all of which can be set aside when it's important to accompany a supervisee in a place of 'not knowing'. I bring a grounded approach to working in reflective partnership to find new perspectives and insights, with humour, empathy, support and where appropriate, challenge.

I was made Honorary Life Fellow of the Association for Coaching (AC) in 2013 in recognition of my contribution to the coaching profession. I am a member of the Association of Coaching Supervisors and the AC’s Coaching Special Interest Group in Coaching Supervision. A business graduate, I am also an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Clean Facilitator and Language and Behaviour Profile Practitioner.

As former AC UK Vice Chair and AC UK Head of Standards & Accreditation, I am iwell-versed in coaching ethics. Having been involved in the AC’s Coach, Coaching Supervisor, Coach and Coaching Supervisor Training accreditation since 2010 I am well-placed to support those working towards accreditation.

I have worked in a broad range of organisations, with a first career in marketing and communications. I have a good grasp of the systemic complexities of coaching with multiple stakeholders. I am the co-developer of The Five-Minute Coach and a pioneer in the application of Clean approaches to organisational interventions.

Publications include The Five-Minute Coach – improve performance rapidly (2012), Business NLP for Dummies (2008), Clean Language Interviewing (chapter, 2022)). plus contributions to other books and coaching journals.
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