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Wonder is a wonderful thing, having a space to simply be and not have to do
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Katy is a Corporate Executive Coach, Mentor, and Coaching Supervisor, with the experience of working Internationally. During her 20 years of coaching, her earlier years were spent within the call centre arena, where she inspired and motivated Coaches, Leaders and their teams.

Katy likes to describe herself as a “Loving Boot Coach” and is an associate of the Trusted Executive Foundation. Her strength lies in “Challenging Coaching” as when both support and challenge are present it results in individuals being able to step into a Peak Performance state.

Katy enjoys giving back to the coaching profession and has enjoyed mentoring coaches at The Coaching Academy for almost 3 years. In this role, she describes herself as a sounding board and provides a space for thinking and transformational change, whilst giving her views and sharing her own experiences of coaching.

Katy found a passion for personal development, when she discovered coaching herself. Every year she looks for her next development opportunity and now having qualified as a Coaching Supervisor herself, she now enjoys holding a safe and courageous space for coaches to reflect and gain insight so they can do their best coaching work.
CSA Accredited
Professional Qualifications
Internal Corporate Coaching Qualifications - Provided by 02 Telefonica and outsourcer Mobius Coaching
Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with "The Coaching Academy" (Distinction)
Diploma in Continuous Professional Development with "The Coaching Academy"
Corporate and Executive Coaching Diploma with "The Coaching Academy" (Distinction)
Level 1 in Concepts of Counselling - Bury College
NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner Diploma NLP Master Practitioner Diploma (INLPTA)
EFT Levels 1 & 2
Coaching Supervision with “The Coaching Supervision Academy”
Currently studying for her MBA in Senior Leadership.
It's not often that I meet someone who is as equally high energy and full of beans as I am, but having known Katy for the last 5 years, I can vouch for her as being a bundle of positivity, both when she is delivering her coaching programmes and through the general day to day catch ups through life in general. Katy is a go getter, aims high and achieves.

I engaged Katy to deliver a programme of Challenging Coaching to our leadership team. I wanted a bespoke set of sessions and Katy worked with me to ensure that she delivered impactful sessions, completely tailored to match our learning preferences as a team, and followed up with coaching observations in actual 121s to ensure feed forward continued and key learnings were anchored.

In sessions, she's passionate about the course content, and is endlessly curious. Katy's sessions are thought provoking and at times can be uncomfortable, but it's engineered in a safe space, and that's where you have your true lightbulb moments.

She has a genuine interest in everyone she coaches.

As a methodology, I continue to use the tools and methodology in my day to day business, and actually my two teenage children don't escape it either!

If you're thinking of engaging Katy as a coach, would not hesitate to recommend!
Sam Sargent - Business Coach
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