CSA Coach Education & CPD Events

CSA has a rich programme of Coach Education & CPD events and we welcome all in the Coaching Supervision sector to attend.

We support the community by offering these at very reasonable rates and many are available at little or no cost to current CSA Accredited Supervisors.

Our Coach Education Programme Calendar

Hosted by the Coaching Supervision Academy and facilitated by members of the community of CSA Faculty and Supervisors, supported by invited guest speakers for their knowledge and expertise in the field. These events are open to all with an interest in exploring and developing their practice in Coaching Supervison. 

We offer the opportunity to network with colleagues and gain insights into new creativity and supervision practice skills.

Registering your place:

Booking place/s can be completed very easily though this site, each event listing has a link to follow. You will need to register so that we can provide confirmaton of your place, receipts and any joining information. We respect your privacy, adhere to relevant legislation and guidelines such as UK GDPR regulations and have a strict policy of member confidentiality. We never share contact details with any third party.

Cancellation and refund policy:*

If you are unable to attend an event you have registered for, you may substitute your place with someone else at no charge. For administrative purposes we ask that you contact us ahead of the event date to provide the name and contact information of the person attending in your place. For some face-to-face events the venue requires us to have this information, for Zoom events with a waiting room option activated, unless your name is on the list of expected delegates you may not be given access to the space. 

If you are unable to attend, and cannot or do not wish to offer the place to someone else, the following policy will apply to cancellations:

If cancelled more 4 weeks before the event date a full refund will be paid

If cancelled 4 - 2 weeks before the event date a 50% refund will be paid 

For cancellations made less than 14 days before the course no refunds will be made. 

Where a payment has been made and a refund is due under this policy, it will be returned the account where the initial payment originated. Please contact us if you wish to cancel a registered place or would like to discuss this policy. 

* This Policy only applies to events offered through our Coach Education programme. A separate agreement is applied to our Diploma and Certificate level programmes. 

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