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With 2022 now well upon us I can sense the pace of the year picking up. Early signs of the lengthening days from our office window and email inboxes starting to fill. I've heard from a number of our Supervisors with news of meeting new clients, gaining contracts and commissions, all creating some very welcome entries in the new calendar.

We wish you all a very successful and abundant year. Work aside, we hope it is filled with good health, love, adventure, laughter and happiness for you all.

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New CSA Graduates
Welcome to our New CSA Diploma Graduates

Climate Biodiversity Course for Coaches and Supervisors
A new course from Jackie Arnold and Lydia Stevens

It's all about books
Recent Publications, Book Reviews and our New Book store

Two more CSA CPD Webinars
Still a few places available - Open to all - FREE to CSA Members

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CSA Diploma Graduates

New CSA Graduates 

What a wonderful way to close the year! We had all four of our international programmes reaching their conclusion as the year ended. 

A warm welcome to every new CSA Accredited Supervisor, we hope to meet you all in 2022 at one of our events.

As some programmes reach their conclusion, we are already planning others and applications are coming in fast for Asia Pacific, UK and the new Americas programme. If you or anyone you know might be interested in registering for the CSA Diploma programme please share this email and the links below.  

Full details about the CSA Diploma are here, or use the links below for individual region pages.

Plans are also developing quickly for two new Bilingual Diploma programmes in the calendar for 2022/2023 

Senior Faculty member and leader on the Americas and Asia pacific regions Leanne Lowish is hosting a couple of 60 minute introductory webinars for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Diploma content and process:  

Diploma Introductory Webinar 27th January (08:30 SGT)

Diploma Introductory Webinar 27th January (08:00 PST)

Climate Biodiversity Course for Coaches and Supervisors

CSA Faculty member Jackie Arnold and her colleague Lydia Stevens have developed a new course for supervisors wishing to integrate skills, reflection, journaling and specific techniques to address confidence when coaches are introducing climate and biodiversity into their coaching & supervision conversations.

There is a good deal of emotional trauma surrounding these conversations. Feelings of loss sadness and overwhelm can often arise. The aim of this course is to support participants to feel better equipped to deal with these strong emotions and to share experience and delve into climate science in a safe environment.


CSA Authors and Publications

The Literary talents of our community shone out over the last few months with a number of new publications finding a home on shelves and hopefully though the letter boxes of more than a few of you.

For anyone looking for a post festive gift for themselves or a friend here are some highlights. 

Mindfulness-Based Relational Supervision: Mutual Learning and Transformation by Fiona Adamson & Jane Brendgen

The authors present their reflections and analysis of key transformational moments that brought insights which significantly enhanced their personal and professional development.

Available to purchase from CSA  or Amazon

Mindfulness Based Supervision

Coaching Supervision Groups: Resourcing Practitioners edited Jo Birch

Written by experienced coaching supervisors, this book offers a kaleidoscope of wisdom drawn from a complex professional field. Theoretical concepts, practitioner research, models and techniques are brought alive here through the lived experience of the authors.

Available to purchase from CSA  or Amazon

Coaching Supervision Groups

Choir of Brave Voices by Gillian M Walter

Inspired by the author's own story, Choir of Brave Voices is a light-hearted, yet transformational, seasonal journey connecting back to the unique part of you- creativity.

Available to purchase from CSA  or Amazon

Choir of Brave Voices

Atlas of the Heart by Dr Brené Brown

Brené Brown will be very familiar to many of you, an accomplished best selling author. In Atlas of the Heart, Brown takes us on a journey through 87 of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human.

CSA Accredited Supervisor Laurie Hillis has very kindly written a review of her experience reading this book

Available to purchase from CSA  or Amazon

Atlas of the Heart

Introducing the CSA Book Store

It's not our intention to compete with the likes or Amazon or Waterstones, simply to offer an alternative for those who prefer to buy from an site where profit is not the driving incentive. Be assured the CSA Executive have no plans for space exploration!

Our store is a place for members of the CSA community to showcase their publications and where possible we can share some discounts and special offers to our colleagues. Some titles are authored by CSA members, others come highly recommended by members as having had a significant and positive impact on their Coaching Supervision practice.    

“The Write Place”™ with Karyn Prentice and Elaine Patterson

For all you who are familiar with Karyn and Elaine's series of Creative Journaling events there is a new 'February Writing Challenge' about to be announced. If you've not experienced their work before and you enjoy, or would like to try some, reflective writing practice. Watch out for our email with more details coming very soon.

News and events from faculty team and graduates

More in our series of Free webinars for CSA Accredited Supervisors and Students. These are also open to the wider Coaching Supervision community for a small registration free.

Exploring the space of Creativity and Supervision - last few places available!

Creativity is at the heart of the supervisory relationship. In a very playful and creative process, I invite us to explore what is creativity, where creativity come from, who is doing the creating, who is being the creator? And I invite us to experience these questions rather than to answer them!

Hosted by CSA Faculty Member Will Medd

Will Medd

For this session we’re going to 'play with clay'. Literally. With insights from pottery, meditation, poetry and old teachings on pots, we will actively create while reflecting on creativity, our relationship with getting things right, and the space we create in supervision.

25th January 08:00 - 09:30 (London) Exploring the Space of Creativity

27th January 14:00 - 15:30 (London) Exploring the Space of Creativity

Aware of Awareness and its qualities in coaching supervision

Awareness is one of those words that we often use quite freely along with its close relatives of being present, mindful, openness and so on. Whether we’re dropping down the “U”, sailing the seven eyes, moving through a drama triangle, or sitting in relational presence, cultivating awareness is at the heart of our supervision.

this webinar will offer an experiential exploration of ‘awareness’ as ever present and available in ways that are neither claiming an impossible transcendental state nor an infinitely regressive thinking loop! We’ll be exploring the wonderful qualities that emerge when we turn attention into being aware of awareness itself.

22nd March 08:00 - 09:30 (London) Aware of Awareness

24th March 14:00 - 15:30 (London) Aware of Awareness

We have more CSA CPD webinars currently being planned. Full details will be available on our website and in the next newsletter. We hope you have found this useful and informative, don't forget to find, like and follow us on the usual social media platforms:

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