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CSA CPD - Nurture Relational Presence - Let’s dance in the Noir!

  • 30 Jan 2024
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Webinar via Zoom
  • 13


  • Free for CSA Accredited Supervisors & Students
  • (+vat) Not CSA Accredited Supervisors or CSA Students

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Leila Rezaiguia

Nurture Relational Presence - Let’s dance in the Noir!

“Let silence take you to the core of life.” Rumi

What is this about?

Have you ever wondered what is it like to experience dining in the dark?

Have you ever wondered about the life cycle that the lotus flower goes through every night?

Have you ever reflected on the wisdom of the journey it takes a caterpillar to becoming a butterfly?

In all of the above, there is mystery and wisdom for us to learn from as coach supervisors. So if you are a curious soul wanting to try something different in coaching supervision, have fun, be playful as you are doing the work and reflecting, I am inviting you to a mysterious sacred place. Here you will access fun, playfulness, curiosity, creativity, connecting with your senses, nurturing relational presence, dancing and savouring the moment, let go to let come, trust and surrender to the flow of the river in the field of coaching supervision.

My mottos is “don’t push the river, it flows by itself?” by Barry Stevens, shall we experience the flow of the river together?

Host: Leila Rezaiguia

Leila Rezaiguia (PCC, ORSC, NLP, STC) is a multi-lingual CSA Faculty & Accredited Coach Supervisor, Executive & Systemic Team Coach, Coach Trainer and ICF Mentor Coach. She is renowned for her high energy, enthusiasm, passion, fun-loving nature, and her love for building connections, empowering and working with people from diverse cultures, with over 25 years in public and private sector across 5 continents. Leila lives between Dubai, UAE and Bodrum, Turkey.

As the co-founder of Kompass The Coaching Company and as the Head of AoEC UAE, Leila believes that being the best coach, mentor and supervisor you can be is about being a wholehearted human being connecting with others at the human level. She strives to consistently connecting with her diverse clients by showing up wholeheartedly, so they connect with who they truly are as they co-create their sacred relationships and do the work together.

Through her coaching and supervision practises, Leila offers her diverse clients the same opportunity to pause, reflect and evolve into the next stage of their growth.

When she’s not working, Leila is self-caring for herself, travelling, gardening, cooking, hosting, swimming and enjoying life.

Joining: This is a 90 minute webinar - please hold the date/time - The zoom link will be sent the day before the session

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