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CSA CPD - Supervision, Somatic Awareness and Listening to Subtle Body

  • 29 Nov 2023
  • 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Webinar via Zoom
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  • Free for CSA Accredited Supervisors & Students
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Subtle Awareness

Supervision, Somatic Awareness and Listening to Subtle Body 

This webinar invites a deep listening to the subtle body and explores the implications for your role in supervision. While there are more 'obvious' somatic changes we feel and observe, there are sensations we may be less familiar with, more subtle shifts in energy, which includes the breath and all of which can provide 'information' for ourselves and our practice.

When we pay attention to the layers of sensation available to us we start to notice our habituated reactions and ways of doing things that may or may not serve us well. Indeed, when we are able to move beyond the constraints of habit we open up to the possibility of surprise and new realms of potential in what we are sensing, how we are moving and holding ourselves, and how we are interacting in the world.

Informed by understanding from a range of traditions in yoga, meditation and the Feldenkrais Method, this session is about learning practices for generating more awareness of the body – by listening to the body deeply in ways that include using quietness and stillness as well as gentle movement, to notice the physical and energy body at more gross and more subtle levels.

Questions we may ask as we practice, include:

  • How do you listen to the sensations in your body? How can you attune more sensitively to different shifts in your physical experience, from the gross to the subtle?
  • Are you aware of your habitual ways of moving, of sensing? What does it feel like to try out non-habitual variations of simple movements?
  • What might get in the way of sensitive listening? What practices might you develop for yourself to attune more to your body?
  • How might these practices inform your coaching and supervision practice?

Hosts: Will Medd and Rebecca Ellis

Will is the CSA UK Programme Lead, Supervisor, Coach and Meditation teacher. Movement (usually gentle yoga, somatics, Feldenkrais) and meditation (practice and teaching) have long been a regular part of his lifee and he's curious about the dance between our cognitive, emotional and somatic experience in supervision. Indeed he's recently embarked on Yoga Teacher training at Mandala Ashram to deepen his understanding of the physical and energetic experience of 'the body'. 'Simple yet deep’ someone recently said of his CSA CPD sessions - we think that's a good thing!

Rebecca was introduced to Yoga & Meditation as a teenager in the 1970s and has been teaching since 2014. While she loves the sense of strength, openness, and resilience, that a strong physical practice can offer, she's increasingly astonished by the transformative power of more gentle and subtle approaches to bodywork, allowing a more intimate sensing of the body, the breath, and emotions and bringing an ease into being in the world. She is Certified as a Yoga Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and as an iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher with the iRest Institute and is currently undergoing training in the Feldenkrais Method.

Joining: This is a 3 hour webinar including breaks - please hold the date/time - The zoom link will be sent the day before the session

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