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CSA CPD - A Framework for Group Presence in Co-Facilitated Supervision Groups

  • 26 Sep 2023
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Webinar via Zoom
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A Framework for Group Presence in Co-Facilitated Supervision Groups 

with: CSA Faculty members Lynne De Lay, Dip. CS, ACC, and Ken Giglio, PCC, Dip. CS

Our vision is to support the wider supervision community to evolve and expand its thinking about group supervision by sharing a co-facilitated approach which evokes group presence.

We all know that presence is the essence of our work as both coaches and supervisors. Though presence is presented as a competency in some frameworks, we view it more as a capacity, a positive generative life force (essence?), which is the energetic core of who we are as people and professionals. In this webinar, we will explore what it looks like and feels like to evoke presence within ourselves, with each other, and in a group supervision format.

Group supervision is predominately offered by individual facilitator supervisors. Over the past 6+ years, we have experimented with our co-facilitated structure and approach to group supervision with coaches in open groups from around the globe. In this webinar we will share our learning and approach as part of our ongoing efforts to experiment and create new ways to evolve our co-facilitated approach to evoke group presence. Using music as a metaphor, this webinar builds on our co-authored chapter in “Coaching Supervision: Voices from the Americas,” titled, A Framework for Group Presence in Co-Facilitated Supervision Groups.

In our 90-minute interactive webinar, which will allow time for reflection and presence at the individual and group levels, we offer these key learning objectives

Learning Objectives:

Exploring Presence in Group Supervision, you will expand and deepen your capacity to:

Identify and define your relationship with “presence” by contemplating what’s been meaningful to you in your own personal experience and in your supervision experience.

Discover presence as always here and emergent within us, within our relationships, and within groups, and what enhances and what hinders presence?

Practice using mindful questions to evoke presence in all contexts:

  • What am I Noticing?
  • What am I Sensing in my Body and in my Surroundings?

Exploring the Relationship Between Group Presence and Co-Facilitation in Supervision Groups, you will develop your capacity to:

Identify the purpose and contribution of a co-facilitation approach for supervision groups.

Discover how co-facilitation works and its relationship to group presence.

Practice experiencing group presence within a co-facilitated supervision group.

Hosts: Lynne De Lay & Ken Giglio

Lynne De LayAbout Lynne:

Lynne’s career as an OD consultant, leadership coach, mentor, and coach supervisor spans over twenty-five years and three continents. She has coached senior executives from across the globe in large global companies, and, as a supervisor, has supervised coaches to continue to expand and strengthen their capacity. Lynne co-founded CSA-NA in 2013 and has served on the faculty ever since. She has most recently co-authored A Framework for Group Presence in Group Coaching Supervision: Voices from the Americas (2022). Lynne has years of experience as a singer. She will bring to the workshop her long interest in sound, and energy and integrate her interest and experience in working with group presence.

About Ken:Ken Giglio

Ken spent over 22 years in business in financial services, transitioning from a VP-level leadership role to an L&D role supporting leaders through executive, team, and group coaching. He is the principal of an international coaching business, Mindful Leadership, which has worked with organizations across the globe for over 18 years. Ken is a member of the CSA global faulty team and has supervised individuals and groups from around the world. His approach with supervision is grounded in his 25+ years of meditation practice and the principles of mindful awareness. Ken created the Tri-Lens Coaching Supervision Model™ as a unique way of evoking reflective practice in individuals and groups. At the center of the Tri-Lens Model are intentional attention and embodied presence, where we ask – “What am I noticing? What am I sensing in my body and my surroundings?” – as we look through three lenses, relationship with Self, Others, and Systems.

Joining: This is a 90 minute webinar - please hold the date/time - The zoom link will be sent the day before the session

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