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CSA CPD - Resourcing for Coaching Practitioners – Many Roads to the Source

  • 20 Nov 2023
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Webinar via Zoom
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Tom Finlay Ursula ClidièreResourcing for Coaching Practitioners – Many Roads to the Source 
with CSA Accredited Supervisors Tom Finlay & Ursula Clidiere

"Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within" Eckhart Tolle

As coaching practitioners, one of our fundamental undertakings is Resourcing - resourcing our clients as well as resourcing ourselves. As our context and the challenges therein are becoming ever more complex and demanding, we all are in need of finding accessible ways of recharging and restoring our “source”.

This invites the inquiry of ‘what and where is my source and how do I replenish the source rather than barely sustaining the energy levels in it?’

This webinar invites to reflect on our practice of looking after ourselves and others. It also touches on the importance of joy and awe, how they can be cradled by the chosen supportive and restorative practice. Whether your resourcing practice taps into being creative, playful, nature or movement bound, spiritually or philosophically inspired, ecologically connected, communal, purpose driven, or others, there will hopefully be a “resourcing spark” from this webinar and inspiration for each attendee where awe, wonder, and joy can be found.

"You can’t whistle up well being"
Tom Finlay

We will share valuable, recent research outcomes and how they support our replenishment practices. More importantly, we will allow for a spacious exploration of joy and finding joy at source. We will also use examples from of our own ‘Deep Joy’ (book) and along with it, share about the power of happenstance, enoughness, and awe.

Let’s re-JOY-ce together!

Deep Joy


Ursula has a corporate background and has spent most of her career in a global Life Science company based in the US. She has a doctorate in Organizational Psychology, worked as a Management Consultant, then Coach and Coach Supervisor. Many of her leisure activities include the outdoors and sport.

Tom As well as writing poetry, Tom Finlay acts as an independent director on Financial services Companies, as an executive coach, a supervisor of executive coaches, and as a psychotherapist. Tom’s leisure interests include, fly-fishing in the West of Ireland, Cycling, and year-round sea-swimming. 

Joining: This is a 90 minute webinar - please hold the date/time - The zoom link will be sent the day before the session

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