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CSA CPD - Wholeness Arises Being Generative

  • 1 May 2023
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Webinar via Zoom
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Wholeness Arises Being Generative
with CSA Acredited Supervisor Janet Harvey

In the words of Scott Peck, “The human race is in the midst of making anJanet Harvey evolutionary leap. Whether or not we succeed in that leap is our personal responsibility.” As human development practitioners, we have the privilege and responsibility to challenge what we and our clients recognize as our status quo, to release it, so we can catch up with the forever-changed reality of professional life today. Our new virtual workplace creates a timeless workday rhythm. We operate in a zero geography and technology-enabled, multiple-team matrix. All these factors require management and leadership capability that enthusiastically shares responsibility for outcomes and places a premium on teaming our way through continuous change.

The emergent world of work and life demands each of us to tap into underutilized, innate creativity that permits our inner aspects to interact and influence dialogue in fresh, emergent ways. These words begin to describe being generative. That way of engaging allows wholeness to arise individually and then collectively. Being generative together is the formula for making the whole bigger than the sum of the parts. As Coaching Supervisors, we offer an alchemy of space that cultivates vulnerability for learning and growth, preparing leaders, coaches, and teams to loosen their grip on the narrowness of the status quo and embody the wholeness of human beings, always innately creative and capable to rise to the challenge evolution presents.

The mode of exploration for the session:

  • Experiential activity – both somatic and emotional – to activate right brain awareness of what is beyond conscious understanding of our habits and routine actions that hold the status quo in place
  • Triad and plenary exploration of reflective questions that intend to reveal the barriers to generating harmony between left and right brain processing on purpose.
  • Expressive arts to inspire faith in a generative process by which to invite change.

Key learning outcomes for anyone attending.

  • Learn the contextual and cultural factors, embedded in our current mindset, that influence evolution of customer and employee experience with organizations.
  • Get clear about the impact of mindset on readiness and motivation to change, individually, for teams and as this influences the organizational climate.
  • Discover how being generative removes the barriers to mindset shift and empowers breakthrough to invite change that allows wholeness to arise and be embodied.

Host: Janet Harvey

Janet M. Harvey is a bestselling author, speaker, vanguard leader, ICF master certified coach and accredited educator who has engaged leaders, teams, and global enterprises for nearly 30 years to invite change that sustains well-being and excellence. Visionary CEO of inviteCHANGE, a coaching and human development organization, Janet Harvey uses her executive and entrepreneurial experience to cultivate leaders in sustainable excellence through Generative Wholeness™, a signature coaching and learning process. As Janet shares, “coaching in its many forms has at its root the effect of awakening consciousness and doing so in a highly accelerated fashion that sustains.” Audiences regard her as a vanguard human being, provocative (her wedding dress was a mini in purple silk and she arrived at the ceremony on a Harley), articulate, and compassionate.

Joining: This is a 90 minute webinar - please hold the date/time in your calendars - The zoom link will be sent the day before the session
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