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Pause with Purpose

  • 26 Jul 2022
  • Virtual

Pause with purpose: bringing meditation into the midst of life

A unique day of bringing meditation right into the heart of what you do, into the midst of your normal everyday life.

Hosted by CSA Faculty member Will Medd

Pause with Purpose

About this event

A unique day of bringing meditation right into the heart of what you do, into the midst of your normal everyday life.

“Very different to anything I’ve done previously, participating enabled me to make a different choice from a more spacious place where I could see more options available and while not drastic, they felt profound. It was like time was less scarce despite having lots to do.”

“Stopping to reflect and meditate at regular points during the day helped me to stay connected to what I was doing and made me more aware of how I was moving though my day the day turned out to be one of my most productive days for a long time.”

“I had lots of things to distract me, the non-retreat helped me stay on track. And I could have been very stressed, instead approached the day with curiosity and learnt loads! Very productive and enjoyable day!”

This day of non-retreat on Zoom will invite you to :

- bring a sense of heartfelt purpose alive and present in the midst of your everyday life

- to nurture a sense of responding fully to what life is presenting, rather than what you wish it was or should have done

- begin from a place of ‘I am enough’ while nourishing a sense of feeling safe, secure and belonging

- notice what pulls you away from recognising presence

What will the day involve?

You will be going about your normal day. So, no major changes to your diary required except for the addition of a series of interventions.

Full details and boking information can be found on our Eventbrite page

I've not set a charge for this event - instead I ask you to make a contribution based on the value the day will bring to you and in relation to what's affordable to you, while recognising my time and energy designing and running the day (that's why I've set the Eventbrite to 'donate' - rather than a fixed cost for a ticket)

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