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Author Talk: Coaching Supervision Groups: Resourcing Practitioners

  • 9 Jun 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Virtual via Zoom

Coaching Supervision Groups

Following the publication of Coaching Supervision Groups: Resourcing Practitioners edited by Jo Birch in November 2021, there are a series of Author Talks & Workshops led by Jo and the book's Contributing Authors 

About this event:

Chapter 7 "Moving Bodies: Countering Digital Disembodiment" - Louie Gardiner"

Louie has been passionately involved in liberating human potential for 25+ years. Her pioneering approaches are born of an enduring commitment to act for the wellbeing of all and to safeguard her own trustworthiness in whatever she does.

Her body of work represents the fusion of real-world practice and academic research. Presence in Action and Symmathesic Agency are at the heart what she offers. This integrating body of work – underpinned by principles of natural inclusion, complexity thinking and primal animation – brings together radically different approaches to catalysing and nurturing personal and collective capacities for generative change – consciously, creatively, playfully.

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