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Where’s the line: How to support a coaching client’s mental wellbeing?

  • 30 Nov 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • Virtual via Zoom

Where's the Line - event

Guest Speakers include:

Cindy Jensen, PCC, Enoch Li, Johnathan Marshall & Dr Frances Penafort

A programme for Supervisors, coaches, aspiring coaches, organisational leaders, HR, educators et cetera. The topic touches everyone. This is a public event, both ICF members and non-members are welcome to register and join the webinar

About this event

The line between executive coaching and psychotherapy is, at best, blurry. Both professions help their clients fulfil more of their potential. And both may delve into deep parts of a coachee personality, including formative experiences from the past. The difficulty in identifying when to refer a coach to a mental health professional has sadly meant that many clients have unnecessarily suffered. This discussion will help us understand the issues and provide us with the tools for identifying when to refer a client or employee.

Some Key Take Aways:

What are the signs when an employee or client requires therapy?

Helping coaches and other professionals recognise when therapy vs coaching is the appropriate support for a client or employee.

What do we mean by clients resourcefulness.

How to work with a client who may also be working with a therapist (the importance of clear contracting)? Best practises in holding conversation to work with clients who are dealing with elevated levels of stress and burnout and do not require other professional support.

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