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Loyalties @ work: how your family of origin influences your career choices

  • 18 Aug 2020
  • 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Virtual event via Zoom

A programme of two 2.5 hour webinars on how loyalty towards your family of origin influences your choices and way of functioning at work.

Workshop description

Your family of origin is your first context. Here you get a blueprint for the important themes of life. In your family you learn to deal with good and bad, recognition and punishment, power and authority, emotions and logic, diversity and inclusion, self-validation and self-demarcation. You gain experience of coping with strengths and weaknesses, tensions and conflicts, doubts and choices, and how loyalties and legacies work. This happens both consciously and unconsciously.

With this blueprint, you enter your work context. It influences your way of functioning and how you collaborate with colleagues, sometimes in surprising ways


The programme will support you to make conscious choices and deal with professional challenges in a more constructive way. It will increase your effectiveness. Living in greater alignment with your essence and at the same time staying loyal to your family will create inner peace. It will give more meaning to your life. The insights will also support your work with clients who are dealing with this topic.

Facilitated by: CSA Accredited Supervisor Thea Bombeek

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