Choir of Brave Voices by Gillian M Walter

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Inspired by the author's own story, Choir of Brave Voices is a light-hearted, yet transformational, seasonal journey connecting back to the unique part of you- creativity. Finding the courage to think and speak from our most authentic 'Brave Voice' calms stress, deepens reflection, widens perspectives, and increases mental, emotional, and physical resourcefulness. Challenges, changes, and choices are life's constants and approaching them with courage, authenticity and creativity makes all the difference. Choir of Brave Voices offers the reader a safe place to start. The book is an invitation to play with creative curiosity. This is explored through art and poetry in seasonal chapters and is accompanied by insights and prompts for reflection. Working with both nature and creativity opens a wealth of perspectives, ideas, possibilities, and solutions. Whether you are looking for starting points for your own reflection or journaling, or ways of bringing more creativity, courage and authenticity into your work and life, this treasure trove has something for you. Whoever you are and whatever your profession, when you align your rational and practical mind with your creative and present mind, magic happens. This is the Paperback edition
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