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Supervision with care and an open heart, especially when it gets tough, is central...
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My early professional experience was in the international banking and finance community, in large companies (Société Générale, Thomson Financial), a medium sized company (GL TRADE) and a start-up (4CAST) in both France and abroad. I worked for 5 years in the City of London and 6 months in Singapore (where I opened up a branch) in sales and management positions (e.g. European Sales Director). Fifteen years spent in a constantly changing world at such a fast pace convinced me that better management of “human capital” is the key to success.
For more than ten years, I have been developing my new career as a Coach, Trainer and “Evolution” Facilitator, through a skills assessment, a Master in Human Resources in coaching (Paris 8 University), a certification in Process Communication, a diploma as a Gestalt Therapist (EPG), the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) and an on-going learning process in Gestalt and other fields (NVC, MBSR etc.).
As a Coach and Supervisor, I want to support performance with an open heart and humanity, while bearing in mind the potential and the evolution of the people and the organisations. At the same time, I always strive to keep a balance between my personal and professional lives. I am a mother of two daughters and I enjoy spending time with my family in the countryside reading literary texts in their respective languages, meditating or practicing yoga in a beautiful and peaceful environment, tasting wine and eating well (gastronomy).
My multi nationality background – French, English on my mother’s side and a Belgian father is an asset to my current ability to achieve a good life balance as I have different cultures and attitudes to life to draw from. My own life experience has enabled me to understand the pressures of an ever more demanding professional environment and the need to find a personal balance.
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