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Accredited Executive Coach and Coaching Supervisor, Chartered Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher. Wendy has been in the coaching profession for over 20 years.
About me
My Supervisees are mostly Executive Coaches who were previously very senior leaders. Some I have trained as Coaches, and they have stayed with me through Supervision. Others have come to me through referrals.

They come from many disciplines e.g. HR, OD, L&D, Operations Management, Psychology, Consultancy, Health & Wellbeing, Interim Executive Leadership, the Arts, Financial Services, other Professional Services such as Legal Firms, Policy Development and Sales.

I’ve been a Coaching Supervisor for over 15 years, and an Executive Coach for 25 years. (I’m Accredited as both a Supervisor and a Coach.)

I’m a Chartered Psychologist with a Masters in Applied Psychology (Occupational).

I’m an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher.

I consulted to organisations for 35 years on a wide range of OD and L&D strategies and projects. I also worked as a psychotherapist for 12 years, alongside my consultancy role.

I believe in carrying the expertise and knowledge I have lightly. Supervision is more about you after all!

Authenticity is important to me – I feel a strong need to practice what I preach, and show the honesty and openness I expect of others.

Areas of expertise or knowledge that I find myself drawing upon, in supervision conversations:

• Systems Thinking
• Leadership Theories/Models
• Transactional Analysis
• Nature-Connection
• Jungian Psychology
• Buddhist Psychology
• Mindfulness
• Organisational Development Theories/Models
• Regenerative Theory (e.g. Regenerative Businesses)
• Organisational Psychology
• Positive Psychology
• Somatic Work/Yoga

I like to be open about my own ongoing journey, as is helpful to the work we do together in supervision.

My current interests and ‘learnings’ are around the ‘bigger questions’ we seem to be facing in life e.g. the climate crisis, regenerative living, paradigm shifts, and the polarisations in our world. All of this has relevance to the clients we work with as Executive Coaches. Sometimes, very difficult questions are raised, about the purpose of our work, and the system we may be serving. I welcome exploration of all of this within the safety of the supervision relationship.

I live in beautiful West Cork in Ireland. I lived in the UK until 9 years ago. I am married to Victor, and we have one dog at the moment. We live in a place of outstanding natural beauty, for which I am grateful every single day. The nature round about me inspires and teaches me.

You can read my 'Supervision Guide' here: https://csasupervisors.com/resources/Documents/wendy-robinson-supervision-guide.pdf
CSA Accredited
Professional Qualifications
BSc Psychology; MSc Applied Psychology (Occupational); PG Cert Executive Coaching; PG Dip Coaching Supervision
I first met Wendy while in Scotland. Little did I know how important and enduring that relationship would be. On returning to Australia, I knew I needed coaching supervision to hone my practice. Wendy was the first person I turned to. Wendy sees coaching supervision holistically, moving beyond the direct interactions with the coachee to broader exploration of things that impacted my practice as a coach and consultant. I walked away from each of our sessions with fresh insight and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. The sessions and the work in between wasn’t easy, but the impact it has had on my work and me has been profound. I can’t recommend Wendy highly enough.

Jayne Dunn
Director, CulturAlchemy

“Wendy’s supervision is a place of real safety and wisdom, without judgement. She really makes you think on a different plane by using her subtle, supportive and insightful reflections on what you bring to the session.”

Maureen Johnstone HR and Coaching

Wendy is an excellent coach supervisor with whom I have worked for over 3 years. My coaching impact has been deeply enriched by her counsel, guidance and coaching. In addition she has supported the ongoing development of my coaching ability and the evolution of my practice. Wendy creates a deeply engaging space, an open and powerful environment to delve into areas, to harness enablers and manage barriers. I highly recommend her as a Supervisor.

Denise Ni Cheallaigh
Company Owner Ni Cheallaigh Consulting

I value many things about Wendy’s coaching supervision. She has a strong business and occupational psychology background, so I know she understands the context within which I work. But actually what I most value are her unique human qualities: she shares her humanity gently, she is non-judgemental and open, she is very wise about human growth, and importantly…..it is fun working with her!

Kate Williams
Caterpillar Business Psychologist Ltd
Particular Field of Interest
Mindfulness, The Systemic Lens on our World Today: the climate crisis; can organisations be a force for good?
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