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Dorrian 潘寶儀
Journey by PoYee
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PoYee is a wholehearted practitioner committed to nurturing and cultivating deep, meaningful conversations that inspire a shift in the world.
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As a middle child, born to a Chinese family in Hong Kong and raised to be an astute observer, I have always been a mischievous disrupter in disguise – loving anything different from the norm. Such an adventurous spirit eventually led me to a path to the US, alone as a teenager. It was a following of an inner knowing that I have come to embrace, trust, and honor as the Higher wisdom. I have been blessed with having a strong ancestral root in Asia, a piece of an identity that has allowed me to nurture new growth in the US for nearly forty years. Now, I live in the traditional territory of the Sioux, Cherokee, Iroquois, and Shawnee Tribes, known as Columbus, Ohio. This is where I dropped my anchor in 2014 after my family, and I had lived in Shanghai for fourteen years.

‘Creative, warm, steady, and calm presence’ are some of the descriptors used by my colleagues. I believe in the profundity of reflective conversations that are sacred, meaningful, and heartfelt. It is the foundation for co-visioning a ‘fertile void’ where all parts of us are welcomed and honored - our minds, bodies, and most importantly, hearts – a deep resonance to connect to each other’s humanity.

My supervision approach is holistic and integral. It has been profoundly shaped by my varying and diverse cultural, educational, and professional experiences. To me, supervision is spirituality and love in action; spirituality – embracing our inter-connectedness and tapping into the knowing and bonding with the wider sphere; love – the unadulterated beauty of sitting with others in appreciative inquiry free from othering and fear, only togetherness and seeing someone through the eyes of love.

Our creations are a reflection who we are. My hope is that collectively we breathe new life into our work with grace, wholeheartedness, and love through coaching supervision. Together, we celebrate the positive shifts in our clients and nurture our own growth as practitioners, shining as mirrors of their progress.
CSA Accredited
Professional Qualifications
Bachelor's Degree - Computer Engineering
Master's Degree - Business Administration
Graduate of the International Coach Academy (ICA)
Graduate of Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA)
ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)
CSA Coach Supervisor & Faculty
Renewal Associates, International Systemic Team Coaching
English, Mandarin & Cantonese
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