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Sam retired from his professional life - except for supervision!
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When my grandson, Connor, was just over two, we walked in a redwood forest in California. As he passed logs, he leaned in to look at the green moss. Each time he dipped his head to see, he said in a big voice, "WOW!". That's how I want supervision to be. My self-imposed standard for good supervision is whether I learned something. I attempt to be on the edge of my chair - fully engaged in discovery .
I am fortunate to have helped import the whole idea of supervision to North America and to have lead CSA diploma programs in France and the US. The intensity of working in French - and improving my language skills - taught me to use words thoughtfully. A student in Avignon observed that I paused to be intentional about word choice at a deliberate pace. He learned that he spoke so rapidly he hardly know what he was saying. That's a good supervision practice too.
My years as an organization development consultant and internal executive coach provide me with an ear to hear the complexities faced by coaches who work for large companies. I left a big company because I didn't have the emotional boundaries needed to manage in that setting. I didn't have external supervision!
Eclectic is a word used to describe me. I employ photography - often my own, poetry - my own and others, stories, free writing, dialog and the usual theories as required by the situation.
My closed groups are said to offer a container to build trust and rapport over time. My individual supervision provides a very personal setting and the scheduling flexibility needed by many super-busy coaches and supervisors.
One might say I am still an adventurer - these days, sea kayaking provides rich encounters with the world and calls on me to be fit for purpose. Each visit to the sea is different. Just like supervision.
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BA in Biology, University of California - Santa Cruz 1971, MBA with focus on performance evaluation, California State University - East Bay 1977, Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara 2000, CSA diploma 2010.
English and French
I have been partnering with Sam in a coaching supervision relationship for a few years. My experience with him as my coaching supervisor has been outstanding. Sam is always keen and able to create and sustain a learning environment full of possibilities that helps me to go deeper into myself as a coach and get great findings about me and my coaching practice that are highly beneficial to my clients. Sam is a vey qualified, skillfull and seasoned coaching supervisor.
Best regards
Rodrigo Aranha

I met Sam Magill years ago (2016), and we discussed Supervision on and off through those years. In 2020 I was ready to dive into the supervision training, but I missed the window to join him in the CSA cohort and ultimately completed the training in 2021. Instead, I started getting Supervision. Since I graduated CSA, I have been in Supervision with Sam, first in a group and now individually. I think the words that show up for me when I think of Sam are trust and curiosity.
I appreciate how Sam holds the space for me to explore my relationship with the work I do. In our most recent conversation, we explored the ideas of restorative supervision and "fit" for service. His energy allows me to explore myself in safety and also in bravery.
Lyssa deHart, MCC
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Individual and group supervision
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