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Ken is a member of CSA’s International Faculty, contributing as a presenter, mentor, and supervisor for CSA North America program.
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Ken Giglio is Principal of Mindful Leadership Consulting, a global leadership consulting and executive coaching firm with more than 130 coaches and coach supervisors partnering with top organizations globally. He is a highly experienced executive coach, consultant, and coach supervisor and leads his team in developing mindful leaders to be attentive and present within themselves, with others, and with the systems in which they work. Prior to founding Mindful Leadership, Ken spent many years in the corporate world and co-founded the learning division responsible for the executive coaching and leadership development programs for a global financial brokerage firm.

Ken is passionate about the importance of establishing a mindful reflective practice for the leaders he coaches as well as the coaches he supervises. Through reflective practice, leaders and coaches increase self-awareness and agility in the moment and foster the courage to confront and shift the self-limiting mindsets and behaviors that undermine personal, team, and organizational effectiveness.

Ken’s commitment to the quality and integrity of coaching work and coaching field led him to develop the Tri-Lens Coaching Supervision Model™. This model creates a framework and space for coaches to reflect on their work through three lenses: self as coach; relationship with client; and relationship with the system.

Ken is a Master Corporate Executive Coach and an accredited Coach Supervisor with the Coaching Supervision Academy. He is also a member of CSA’s International Faculty, contributing as a presenter, mentor, and supervisor for CSA North America program. Additionally, Ken is a member of EMCC International’s Coaching Supervision workgroup, which is responsible for EMCC’s Supervision Standards.
CSA Accredited
Professional Qualifications
BA, Psychology - Fordham University
Executive Coaching Certificate, Hudson Institute of Coaching;
Professional Coaching Certification (PCC), International Coaching Federation;
Coaching Supervision Certificate, Coaching Supervision Academy of North America
EMCC Accredited Supervisor
Particular Field of Interest
Executive and Team Coaching; Coaching Supervision; Mindfulness; Reflective Practices, CSA, EMCC International, ICF, Hudson Institute of Coaching, Americas Supervision Network
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