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Kathryn specializes in reflective practice in virtual small groups and has submitted her doctoral thesis "Creating the Container for Reflective Practice in Virtual Coaching Supervision"
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Dr Kathryn M Downing
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Kathryn is a coaching supervisor, executive coach, author, and speaker. Her expertise and passion are in virtual group coaching supervision. She has a joyous commitment to lifelong learning and a belief in the value and rewards of regular reflective practice.

She is completing doctoral studies toward a Professional Doctorate (D.Prof.) in Coaching Supervision at Middlesex University, London. Her research focused on what the qualities and conditions are that create enough safety in the supervision relationships within a virtual group to enable self-disclosure, reflection, and learning? How are these qualities and conditions designed and brought forth? She found that the supervisor has multiple roles including being in a relationship with the individuals and the group, manager of the group dynamics, and reflective practice guardian. Her thesis focused on three areas, the creation and co-creation of the initial container for the group, the stewardship of the container moment-to-moment in the sessions as the level of trust and safety ebbed and flowed, and the possibilities for reflection, experimentation, learning, and practicing within the supervision context.

She is a member of the Faculty Team at Hudson Institute of Coaching (US) and faculty for Coaching Supervision Academy - UK and Asia Pacific. She lives in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to being a grandmother and favorite Aunt, she enjoys mountain hiking, beach walks, and dinners with friends on her patio at sunset.

Her leadership experience in business (including as Publisher, CEO and President of the Los Angeles Times) and on the boards and as Chair of non-profit organizations has given her a real-world understanding of organization and systems dynamics.

Her work is informed by deep reflection and integration of the Brené Brown approach to authenticity, resiliency, wholehearted living, and The Daring Way. She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.
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CSA Accredited Supervisor
Doctoral candidate, D.Prof (Coaching Supervision), Middlesex University, London
ICF PCC coach
Hudson Institute certified coach
J.D. (Stanford)
B.A., Economics
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Group Supervision
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