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Dorothy has been a member of the CSA international faculty team since 2013, delivering the CSA diploma in the UK, the US and Switzerland.
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I get tremendous pleasure from the collaborative learning partnerships I co-create with other coaches, and from resourcing them to harness deeper confidence, trust in their intuition and unleash more creativity and power in their work.

I am privileged to be part of the international faculty team delivering the CSA diploma in the UK, the US and Switzerland. And through my own business, Lucid Coaching & Consulting Ltd, I offer individual and group supervision for coaches around the world via Skype / Zoom, as well as in person sessions in London.

Described by my clients as “empathetic”, “non-judging”, “insightful” and “calm”, I hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation with the International Coaching Federation and work with private individuals, executives and teams in a variety of sectors, including commercial companies, charities, government and the arts.

My coaching clients are, as I once was, primarily senior leaders and driven achievers in the creative industries. My supervisees are similar – determined to bring their best to their practice and the profession.

I am specially trained in systems – working with organisations, teams and groups of all kinds – and I take a “systems-inspired” approach to all of my coaching, facilitation and supervision. I particularly enjoy reflecting with team coaches and others immersed in complex organisational settings or exploring the intricacies of group dynamics.

In recent years, I have begun to develop what I call “systems supervision” – reflecting with a team or consultancy of coaches on their programme of coaching or leadership development within another organisation. Much can happen when a system meets another system – and like a lot of our work as supervisors and coaches – much of it lies out of our conscious awareness.

In every individual and group supervision session, I endeavour to create a safe and open place to come exactly as you are – without judgment – to explore, discover, replenish and blossom.
CSA Accredited
Professional Qualifications
International Faculty – Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA)

Contributor to CSA’s & Dr Alison Hodge’s Team Coaching Supervision Programme

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Certified Organisation & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC) with CRR Global

Graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
English - with a little Spanish
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