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Thought provocateur and reflective partner for coaches and clients
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My work in the coaching field includes over thirty years as a coach, coach educator and mentor and researcher. This includes working with mature professionals making mid-life and mid-career transitions, including leaders in the corporate, education and non-profit sectors. For twelve years, I served as Director of Fielding University’s Evidence-Based Coaching certificate program and was a founding faculty member of the coaching program at the University of Texas at Dallas. As an approved ICF mentor coach for PCC and MCC, I bring an orientation to reflective adult learning to support the growth of coach's skills and abilities. I offer reflective and creative supervision to coaches seeking to deepen their learning and self-understanding in order to better serve their clients. In that work, I partner with coaches to learn from experiences and fosters their sense of self-development.

My recent publications include a case study on the coaching/psychotherapy boundary; the impact of life events on coaches and their coaching; and book chapters on adult learning theories in coaching, reflective learning for coaches, coaching in the adult workplace and trends in coaching related research. I co-edited Innovations in Leadership Coaching Research and Practice and is currently the Research Lead for the Americas Coaching Supervision Network.
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