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Co-Founder & Director - CSA
Miriam, co-founder of the Coaching Supervision Academy, co-designed CSA’s Diploma in Coaching Supervision. She has a long history of working with supervision in a variety of professional and business contexts.
About me
Miriam is CSA Executive Chair and a Senior Tutor on the CSA Coaching Supervision Diploma course, established in 2006 in the UK. This programme is one of the leading training courses globally for coaches who wish to become supervisors; currently courses are running in the UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the US.
Professional Qualifications
Certificate of Qualification of Social Work (CQSW) 2yrs

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist, Metanoia London 6yrs

Diploma in Natural Spiritual healing (Dip.NSpH) 18mths

Diploma in Progressive Counselling (Dip.P.Couns.) 2 yrs

Life Coaching (The Life Coaching Academy)

Corporate Coaching (UK College of Life Coaching.) 1yr

Many Personal Management, Leadership, Supervision and Development courses over 25 years.

Member of EMCC

Member of SRMHC Association
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