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My ambition as a supervisor is to be a force for positive change, encouraging coaches to have bold conversations, even when the answer isn't immediately clear - trusting that these kinds of challenges are what life is all about.
About me
Supervision is a co-creative space where we press the pause button together, take time to reflect and shine a light on your coaching practice, allowing insights and learnings to come to the fore.

Exploring together and experimenting with different methods of approaching challenges - both for the purpose of personal restoration and for generating innovative angles and perspectives that bring new energy to your coaching practice.

As someone who is a mixed-race, dyslexic daughter of two parents who have autism, I understand how it feels to be an outsider, not quite belonging anywhere or feeling like you don't fit into the world around you. This has deeply informed my approach as a supervisor - granting me empathy and compassion and enabling me to connect with people more authentically - all key ingredients for any great supervisor.
CSA Accredited
Professional Qualifications
Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management - Kingston University MCIPD
European Coaching and Mentoring Council - Senior Practitioner Coach
European Coaching and Mentoring Council - EISA Accredited Coach Supervisor
Diploma in Coaching Supervision – Coaching Supervisions Academy.
Certificate in Foundations of Neuroscience in Leadership – Neuro Leadership Institute
Time to Think – Thinking Pairs and Thinking Environments – Nancy Kline
“I enjoyed and really benefited from Elizabeth's amazing ability to use creative techniques to laser in on coaching-related insights that I'm not sure dialogue alone would have revealed. Her care for the "space" the group occupied established a feel-good atmosphere where group members could be open and vulnerable in order to address challenges directly and safely; and her experience as a coach showed up in how she co-created solutions with group members. I'm a better coach for our work together. Thank you, Elizabeth.”

Working with Elizabeth during the past six months has been an enriching experience.
My coaching approach has been impacted, first of all by her dedication to continuous improvement. Second Elizabeth has gently taken me with her on a journey through emotions and their impact on our bodies.
For a "drill sergeant" like me, fresh and restoring breathes.

I have had the pleasure of having Elizabeth as my group supervisor coach. Every time we meet as a group, it's 2h of safe space, great reflections, new insight, and gaining a bigger picture perspective. Elizabeth has a great skill in creating that safe space for us - the safe container, to ask the right questions at the right time, and if it's needed to sit with us in the discomfort to find out our new learning. I highly recommend Elizabeth to any coach who would like to take steps forward in their practice, especially for those who need or appreciate the creative approach to thinking. Thank you, Elizabeth!
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