The CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision

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“The CSA supervision programme has added enormous value to my development…a stunning, original programme full of heart and rigour in equal measure…the CSA diploma in supervision is expertly designed….will engage all types of learners…stretched me in many wonderful directions…fabulous reading list…taking away a huge amount….genuine care from all the staff…energy, enthusiasm and authenticity of the faculty is inspiring.”

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Who is this course for?

Highly skilled, experienced internal and external coaches who want to use their knowledge and expertise differently and who are looking for their next challenge or career move.

Senior people in business or consultants, who have coaching and mentoring as part of their function: for example HR, OD, L&D, Heads of Departments, Change Management and Strategy.

Coaches, mentors, consultants who are looking for a well-established, challenging, EMCC accredited program that can provide an excellent forum for learning and development.

Practitioners in the coaching and mentoring field who want to become a first class supervisor and continue their own journey toward mastery.

CSA Students

What You Will Learn:

  • An in-depth understanding of the Full Spectrum Model – this supervision model was developed from over 16 years of practice, reflection and refinement in the field, so it is highly tested. It includes: Hawkins and Smith’s 7 eyed model, Senge/Sharmer’s work on Presence and U theory, Time to Think and Appreciative Inquiry insights, political, economic and cultural contexts.

  • Current thinking on Relational Dynamics and on Adv. Dialogue Process.

  • Process and structure of coaching supervision including: contracting, designing the working alliance, creating the learning partnership, working with curiosity, emergence and deep reflection.

  • Energy management – applying the principles of quantum physics, neuroscience and mindfulness to coaching supervision, including managing strong emotions.

  • Coaching psychology including: Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Transpersonal Psychology, transference, parallel process, collusion, narcissism, deference, blind spots.

  • Latest developments in systems thinking in organisations and the importance of ‘warm data’ – Nora Bateson.

  • A wide variety of tools for use in supervision sessions, for example – Karpman Drama Triangle, Magic Box, Two-chair work, ways to access relational wisdom, use of cards, how to work with metaphor and imagination, somatic presence.

  • How to use the data provided by the Internal Supervisor

  • How to make intelligent use of self in supervision.

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What Are The Benefits?

  • Being at the forefront in people development particularly within the coaching and mentoring industry.

  • Earn ICF 108.5 CCEUs. These are made up of 77.5 Core Competencies and 31 Resource Development. A further 8 CCEUs in Core Competencies can be gained from the compulsory supervision sessions attached to the course, attending a course approved by ICF and accredited by EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

  • Accreditation by CSA and membership into CSA community of accredited, highly skilled and experienced coaching supervisors.

  • Entries in CSA coaching supervision database for those looking for coaching supervisors.

  • Additional revenue stream and improvements to your current coaching practice.

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Feedback from CSA students:

“A masterful program conceived and facilitated by those who practice what they preach…one of the most valuable and enjoyable learning experiences I ever had…

I have learned the nature of a truly reflective dialogue…I have a new lens that generates exciting insights…a transformational journey…I’m a better coach…I can’t recommend this program highly enough…


Programme commitment and format:

Discussion and Learning

  • Pre-course work - 5x1000 word pieces
  • 8 days attendance
  • 12 webinars
  • 6 tutorials
  • Regular triad practice
  • Work with 5 supervisees - 5x5 hours each, during the year
  • 8 hours of supervision
  • 2 written assessments - Learning Journal 3000 word and case study, 5000 words

Modules consist of 8 days which will include:

  • Introduction to CSA’s Full Spectrum Coaching Supervision Model, Tasks and Skills
  • The 7-eyed process model
  • Beginning and working within the Supervision Conversation
  • Relational Presence and the power of energy fields
  • Becoming a reflective practitioner
  • Psychological theories and models including TA
  • Working with the body and intuition
  • Unconscious factors in coaching supervision
  • Group Supervision
  • Observed Practice Assessments
  • Multi-party contracting
  • Ethics
  • Neuroscience and supervision
  • Diversity and belonging
  • Using Creative tools in individual and group supervision
  • Deepening our awareness of psychological theories and models
  • Working with Endings - acknowledging our journey to this point, and taking stock of the final few months
  • Next steps - developing your practice

Feedback from CSA Students:

“I am more courageous, stronger in all my roles…am paying more attention to energy in the (conversational) field..…a transformational experience…my range has dynamically increased…psychological perspectives have grown tremendously as has my toolkit..."

"Ready to apply for my MCC…deeper mindfulness and presence….I can trust myself…make a bold step to your own edge and discover the CSA program!”

"The Diploma programme was really fantastic - one of the best things I've ever done - and I'm looking forward very much to putting more of the learning into practice, and to developing my skills in supervision. It's an amazing discipline, and what a rich and fascinating course."

"I would recommend this program to professional coaches and practitioners who are looking to develop and stretch themselves, and in turn provide their clients and the organizations and roles they serve in a profound learning experience through supervision."

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