Eco-systems supervision group beginning in January

7 Oct 2020 11:08 PM | Anonymous

CSA Graduate Martin Vogel and Hetty Einzig are opening a new round of eco-systems supervision focussed on supporting practitioners as society’s response to the pandemic enters a new phase. If you are a coach or practitioner whose work involves supporting people, we invite you to join this programme of group supervision sessions. Depending on circumstances we plan to offer a blended model of online and face-to-face sessions.

Our innovative approach fosters awareness of the eco-systems in which we are located and the influence we can bring to bear on them as individuals. It encourages an integration of our identities as people, practitioners and citizens.

The pandemic and the economic recession it has triggered provoke a range of often conflicting emotions. Sacrifices will be demanded of us and professional and personal choices will need to be made as the recession bites. Coaching professionals can play in important role in helping people navigate the choices ahead. But we will need to take care of ourselves and be adaptive. Old certainties have fallen away, new openings will emerge.

We are offering monthly sessions of three hours with a break in the middle. And we will respond flexibly to the group’s needs as situations unfold. The sessions address a mixture of thematic group content and supervision of individual practice issues.

Our approach is values-based, collaborative and experimental – exploring coaching practice within the context of wider societal and environmental considerations. At this time when all of humanity is simultaneously facing trauma at several levels, it could not be more timely. We draw also on our backgrounds in transpersonal coaching, bodywork, creative work, mindfulness, and psychodynamic theory and practice.

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