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8 Mar 2021 9:56 PM | Anonymous

Rare Opportunity to join one of Miriam Orriss’ supervision groups.

A space has become available in the monthly Friday Morning and also the Monday afternoon groups .Starts dates still to be finally confirmed, but likely to be after the week beginning April 12th. Supervision through the lens of TA and Energy Work.

Contact Miriam if you are interested:

Facilitated by MIRIAM ORRISS CSA Co-founder - please contact Miriam if you would like to be considered for the next group

A series of 6 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes designed for a maximum group of 5 people. 

Transactional Analysis is a favourite communications tool for coaches worldwide.  Miriam Orriss, has studied and practised TA for over 25 years, beginning with a 6-year course in TA at Metanoia, London.  Miriam has particular skills in supporting coaches who wish to develop their practice through the TA lens.   

Miriam is a Director of the Coaching Supervision Academy and she has taught the TA component on the EMCC/ICF accredited CSA supervision diploma for many years. Her supervisees benefit hugely from her in-depth understanding of TA and her long experience as a coach supervisor.

This is a unique offering and a unique opportunity; if you already have some experience as a coach and would like to know how to use TA in your practice, this is a great opportunity to work with an expert in the field of both TA and supervision. 

Participants on the course will increase their skills in the following areas using a case study focus, and key TA concepts:

  • Contracting – spot contracting, multiparty contracting
  • Creating the working alliance
  • Getting to know your client
  • Getting to know yourself
  • Working with ‘difficult’ clients
  • Using the Karpman Drama Triangle
  • Recognising and resolving the ‘games people play’
  • Learning about scripts and how to support your client to resolve them
  • Learning about what drives your clients.
  • Communication and dialogue skills through using the 3 ego-states
  • Using TA to resolve ‘critical moments’ in coaching.
  • Reflecting skilfully on your coaching sessions


This skills development series will be delivered in a webinar format via Zoom conference link. Don't worry if you are not familiar with this process. Our team will be on hand to offer assistance and guide you through the sign on process.

To check availability and reserve a place in this group , please contact Miriam Orriss

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