Self-Care - YOU are So Worth it - with Leila Rezaiguia

2 Oct 2023 7:20 AM | Anonymous

Self-Care - YOU are So Worth itSelf-Care - YOU are So Worth it - with Leila Rezaiguia

Since 2020, I’ve been consciously diving deeply into re-designing my wholehearted life and work with Self-Care at the heart of MY LIFE, Who I am and NOT just my “Just Be Week” that I used to book every now and then. I promised myself that I will put “Me” first and feel so awesome about it.

“Engaging in Self-Care is about Self-Respect…it is all about taking care of yourself, making that stand and declaring that YES, YOU are important, YOU do Matter. Being your best self is part of what makes the world a better place.”

Arin Murphy-Hiscock.

As a CSA accredited and trained coach supervisor, I consciously strive to be the guardian of my sacred temple so I can also serve my clients wholeheartedly.

Coming from this life experiential journey, and to cater for this emerging focus in life, coaching, mentoring and supervision, I decided to I’m start a new virtual group supervision series for coaches, mentors, supervisors, coach trainers and leaders who are curious to explore this for themselves and their clients. Here I am inviting diversity and global mindsets into our reflective learning space to dance with our life experiences where there is no right or wrong. Join us if this resonates with you! It’s about time YOU put self-care at the heart of Who YOU are and how YOU lead your life.

The group will be for up to 6 people, if you feel this is an area in your life you want to develop for you and your clients and/or your leadership practice. It’s for those curious life seekers who would like to come together to pause, resource, rejuvenate, think, feel, breathe, move somatically, explore, imagine, dream, reflect and learn about Self-Care and how to prioritise it for their personal and professional development and growth, and anything else you feel might be useful for you to address in this group supervision session.

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