Creative Reflection Supervision Group with Karyn Prentice and Elaine Patterson

26 Apr 2023 10:01 AM | Anonymous

Lara's invitation

NEW Creative Reflection Supervision Group Starting Late Spring 2023

“Lara’s Invitation”

Look at everything as though you are seeing it for the first time, with the eyes of a child (or a puppy!), fresh with wonder
Joseph Campbell

Three weeks ago, Lara our new puppy came home with us! She is a delight – and also a steep learning curve as we all discover how to best ‘be’ with each other. This stage is hard work and / but already she is my new teacher as I play with seeing the world through her eyes. I love her living only in the moment, I love the excitement she experiences when a treat or a game is offered; and I love her curiosity when she notices a new or unfamiliar noise or bird which crosses her path.

But most of all I love how she has put me back into a ‘beginners mindset’ inviting me to enjoy our Spring garden in ways that I was taking for granted; how the clouds in their different shapes and formations skid across the sky; how the light changes from moment to moment; how the moon (on those very early morning toileting breaks) as its follows its own cycle is begging for more of an audience; and how different each dusk and dawn is if we dare to pause and follow our senses, allowing ourselves to become enchanted by the magic and mystery of it all.

And so with puppies, so with the Creative Reflective Group Supervision that Karyn Prentice and I co-host. We are just about to start a new series so please do join us!

Click here for the brochure and how to contact us for more information

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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