Group Supervision with Sam Magill

11 Jul 2022 10:19 AM | Anonymous

Sam Magill

Group Supervision with Sam Magill is described as sacred, safe and loving. It is rich, varied and resources and a place where perspectives are shared without attachment. Metaphors to embody cases are often held by the entire group and nurtured in a way that matures the first image into a living presence in the group. Participants tend to be very senior coaches and are often CSA graduates. The work is eclectic in approach, drawing on a wide variety of frameworks and resources.

Groups are structured to have six, two-hour meetings – one per month. The dates and times are determined with the group at an initial orientation meeting. Many groups agree to additional sessions.

New groups are forming for Fall, 2022. Each has a minimum of four and maximum of six members.

Sam is located in the Pacific Northwest of North America and sessions are usually held in the morning, Pacific Time so people from Europe can attend. Sam completed CSA training in 2010 and pioneered supervision training as co-director of CSA North America until 2021.

Please see Sam's profile here or contact him direct for more information:

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