Information about the reaccreditation process for CSA Qualified Coach Supervisors

Reaccreditation for CSA Qualified Coach Supervisors is currently an annual process and runs in line with the calendar year. The process begins in September when invitations are sent out for CPD record submissions for the following year.

All Submissions are all assessed by Senior Faculty or Executives in CSA and reaccreditation is awarded to all that meet the criteria.


These vary from year to year as we try to ensure that they are relevant and useful to the community. For 2021 they include:

  • Free 12-month Digital Subscription to the professional journal Coaching at Work.  We will send a code for you to enter on their site to claim your subscription for a full 12 months This will be redeemable for all standard issues over the calendar year of 2021

  • Re-accreditation Webinar series: This new initiative is open to anyone who has successfully reaccredited this year. We would like to supplement your ongoing practice development by offering you access to a series of 6 x 90 minute webinars over the next 6 months. This will be available to you free of charge. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis and we hope to have up to 25 attending each webinar. You can apply to attend as many or as few as you wish. All the webinars will be hosted on Zoom and each one will be held twice to hopefully offer as much opportunity for a global audience to attend at a reasonable time. We have done our best to make it as time zone friendly as we can for the everyone. Webinars will all be facilitated by members of our senior faculty and the topics covered have been chosen to offer you the chance to explore some new, interesting and relevant subjects to enrich your practice. Titles include:
    • "Supervising Groups - How am I showing up?"
    • "Working with Metaphors in Supervision: a Clean Language Approach"
    • "Transition Mapping; a Guided Reflection"
    • "Coaching Supervision for Well-Being and Resilience Building"
    • " 'I think they need a coach...' The life and world of the HR director"
    • "Poetics of Coaching: Revealed in Supervision"
  • Your profile will be listed on the CSA website. Your general location, profile, social network links and a secure process to contact you will be posted. 

  • Be accredited as part of a pioneering organisation and brand with a global presence in the field of supervision.

  • Have the opportunity to access a new CSA CPD programme with webinars, a CSA community day and access to other events and retreats at discounted rates. The free webinars above are just a part of our plans for additional CDP events for 2020 and 2021

  • Receive your Certificate of Re-accreditation and '2021 CSA Accredited Coaching Supervisor' logo to use on your files and personal marketing materials

    One of our student cohorts celebrating their Diploma Awards

    Guidance for CPD Reaccreditation submissions

    You will need a minimum total of 30 hours CPD in order to meet the reaccreditation requirements. These can be evidenced in the submission log below using the following criteria:

    Requirement 1 - Evidence of own supervision. In this section you can count a minimum of 4 maximum of 10 hours supervision (we appreciate many Graduates have more than this).

    Eligible Coaching Supervision: includes 1:1 coaching supervision, or group supervision, which is facilitated by a paid qualified/experienced professional coaching supervisor. Eligible Coaching Supervision requirement can include a mix of both 1:1 and group supervision (up to the maximum of 10 hours).

    Not eligible: Peer Supervision is a valuable activity which can be counted in the general CPD LOG but is NOT eligible to be counted in this section.

    Requirement 2 - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can include any learning that better equips you to be in service of others, using your supervision skills and energy. This annual learning can include, but is not limited to, CSA events, webinars and retreats.

    A brief paragraph for each activity you include on how you or your coaching/supervision practice benefitted from the activity is required. Your CPD can include the obvious things: workshop days, webinars. However, it can also include reading relevant blogs, books or professional journals, attending conferences. For this section we are looking for more than a list of books/events/activity titles.

    Think about the more creative forms that enhance your work – what about a deep conversation with a peer on being a supervisor? A piece of reflective writing? A triad group meeting! (Many continue to meet). Or a You Tube video. Have you seen the videos on the CSA page - CSA Videos?

    Sometimes you might even engage in totally different activities that enhance your practice. For example: you might learn a language that you may never use for coaching and supervision sessions yet it may prove beneficial in your understanding of cross cultural issues in a global executive coaching and supervision practice.

    So…think creatively. What have YOU done this year that has brought you home to yourself? Supported you being in presence? Or supported an aspect of your practice? Be creative and we’d love to hear about it!

    Requirement 3 -

    Part 1 - Please complete the reflective journal which asks you what your learning has meant for you

    Part 2 - Your plans for the future: write a short paragraph about your focus for next year.

    Keeping and Submitting a Record of your Supervision and CPD 

    We have designed an online recording system specifically for this purpose. It allows you to create an ongoing log of Supervision and CPD activities through the year. You can add an activity then save the partially completed CPD Log, returning to add more whenever you like until you are ready to complete and submit it for assessment.

    Click here to start your record now 

    Make sure you follow the 'Option to Save and Return' information on the first page and the link at the bottom of each page very time you make an entry to save your information. Once you have started you will be sent a unique link to use every time you want to go back and edit the record.

    Fee: We are holding the fee for this process at last year's rates of just £85.00 (+vat where applicable).

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