Creativity as a Radical Act of Hope by Elaine Patterson

15 Sep 2022 1:11 PM | Anonymous

RoseCreativity as a Radical Act of Hope
by Elaine Patterson

I am a historian at heart. At school I loved playing with the quote which was attributed to Talleyrand. Talleyrand said that the restored Bonaparte dynasty - after the abdication of Napoleon - “They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”

When I surveyed our world as I returned from my August retreat up in the Lake District this quote came flooding back to me. And then I thankfully remembered Mother Theresa’s quote ‘“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” which stopped me from becoming disheartened or discombobulated.

For me, my creativity has always come to my rescue when I feel my energy surge as well as when I feel stuck or overwhelmed. Our creativity comes in many shapes and guises for each of us but connecting to what is already innate in us is actually an act of deep honouring and of profound remembering (and re-membering) – bringing us back to who we are and to wholeheartedly own (or reclaim) our innate vitality, power and agency.

For me, my creativity – and creative expression – can be found in the quiet whisperings of my soul which finds its voice in a myriad of ways across by life and work, but which ( I am also very aware) needs my love to breathe in spaces of beauty, inspiration, and community. And I see my creativity as a radical act of hope empowering me to find – or reclaim – my own agency to create anew, make different or stop what is not working.

This is why - with my inspiratrice Karyn Prentice - we designed our flagship EMCC Global EQA programme called ‘Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of your Wholehearted Creativity’.

The purpose of the programme is threefold - to weave together an celebration and sculpting of your own creative nature, to realistically honour and resource the warp and weft (and the ebbs and the flows) of the creative process, and to offer the opportunity to pour your learning into a creative project of your choice.

If any of speaks to your soul, then please do join us for our next programme which starts again in November 2023. Full details are here

Your soul will forever thank you for taking the time to nurture yourself as you also nurture others!


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