The CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision
Asia Pacific and China

Like its counterparts in CSA’s supervision training around the world, this rigorous 1-year program centers on creating a lively professional partnership with coaches - one in which they can significantly develop their range and capabilities as a coach and supervisor and return to their work resourced and stimulated. It is highly experiential in its approach while still being supported by teaching, practice and feedback in classic and current supervision theories and models.

Celebrating our 8th Year: 

With the Diploma first accredited in 2005, CSA's Faculty membership quickly grew and was able to  offer the same Program to an international audience. With a strong team it quickly established a place in the Coaching Supervision community in the Asia Pacific and Chinese region. Adapting to new research and reflecting current thinking in the sector, whilst always modelling the same ethos and high standards for learning.

In the AP program we continue the huge success of previous years, with 2023 offering  another opportunity for coaches, supervisors and leaders to develop their skills and practice by becoming accredited graduates of the CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

CSA AP cohort

What distinguishes the CSA Diploma programme is that in addition to a thorough training in classic supervision models, students will be trained in CSA’s Full Spectrum Model of Coaching Supervision.

The Full Spectrum Model incorporates Hawkins & Shohet’s 7-eyed model of Supervision together with core teaching and practice on the Use of Self in Supervision, multi-dimensional Presence work which utilizes the seminal ideas of Sharmer/Senge et al (TheoryU), work with subtle energies , Buddhist Psychology, and quantum physics – a living, relational perspective.

There is also teaching on Coaching Psychology and on Systems Thinking. This broad range ensures that the course is both challenging and holistic. Personal Development for Supervisors is foundational and attention is paid to bringing mature reflective practitioners into the profession.

CSA is delighted to have 'Approved Provider' status with ICF and our Diploma Program has been continuously Accredited with EMCC


Programme dates for 2024 and ahead:

We are exploring the options for the next 'Asia Pacific and China' course. Although our focus is on the succesful delivery of APC8 for the great cohort of students who are already working with us. The faculty team below are leading the current programme and there may be some changes for APC9. We encourage new faculty members to join as they gain experience with their own practice although the core team members are unlikey to change.

More information and reserving your place...

For further information on the CSA Asia Pacific and China online Diploma in Coaching Supervision or to register interest in the next programme, please contact Program Manager, Sam Fremantle

CSA APC8 Faculty:

Leanne Lowish

Leanne Lowish
Program Leader Americas and APAC

Leanne accredited with CSA in 2007, she was instrumental in starting our Asia Pacific program in 2011 and we are delighted that she is now the Program Lead for the Americas program. As well as leading these 2 CSA programs she also works for a Global Fortune 50 company focusing on the culture, leadership and team component of large scale technology transformation programs.

Felicia Lauw

Felicia Lauw

Program Lead for China and India

An executive coach and coach supervisor based in Singapore. EMCC Accredited Supervisor and Master Practitioner, Winner of EMCC 2020 Global Supervision Award. Wiith 13 years experience supervising for a coaching company, provide group supervision and 1:1 coach supervisor for professional coaches, mentors, team coaches and consultants and leaders working with a coaching style.

Sabreena Andriesz

Sabreena has devoted the past nineteen years to organizational development, team alignment and senior executive coaching informed through her background in psychology, knowledge in behavioral analysis, advanced systems thinking and whole brain technology. She uses unique and life changing practices and coaching techniques to facilitate individual and organizations towards successful outcomes.

Sabreena Andriesz

Jose Ferreira Filho

José is a supervisor, senior executive coach and facilitator, having worked in the area of leadership for over 17 years. He specializes in team effectiveness and cross-cultural coaching. José has been based in Singapore for over 14 years and had previously lived in Brazil, the US, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Jose Ferreira Filho

Tina Huang

Tina Huang

Tina is a Master Certified Coach by International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a certified Coach Supervisor and Coach Mentor. Mandarin is her native language and she speaks fluent English. Tina has more than 15 years’ experiences in leadership development programs and leadership and executive coaching. Her clients included executives, leaders and professional coaches around the world and mainly in Greater China and Asia Pacific region.

CSA Webinar leaders and supervisors:

Dorothy Atcheson, is specially trained in systems - working with organisations, teams and groups of all kinds - and takes a ‘systems inspired’ approach to all of her coaching, facilitation and supervision. Accredited with CSA in 2013, Dorothy enjoys reflecting with those immersed in complex organisational settings or exploring the intricacies of group dynamics.

Dorothy Atcheson

Sophie Bizeul, With +4000 hours of combined coaching/mentoring/supervision/training experience, I work with private individuals and mid-to-top executives coming from diverse industries in the public and private sectors across North and South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Sophie Bizeul

Francine Campone

Francine Campone, my work in the coaching field includes over thirty years as a coach, coach educator and mentor and researcher. This includes working with mature professionals making mid-life and mid-career transitions. I offer reflective and creative supervision to coaches seeking to deepen their learning and self-understanding 

Poyee Dorrian

Poyee Dorrian, As a multicultural executive coach, facilitator, and reflective thinking partner with nearly 30 years of professional experience, PoYee’s roles leading in Fortune Top Ten as a business leader have guided her to forge a path to bring purposeful and conscious leadership to individuals and organizations through coaching and coaching supervision.

Dr Kathryn Downing specialises in reflective practise in virtual small groups and achieved her doctoral thesis ‘Creating the Container for Reflective Practice in Virtual Coaching Supervision’ this year. She accredited with CSA in 2015 and she has a joyous commitment to lifelong learning and a belief in the value and rewards of regular reflective practise.

Dr Kathryn Downing

Satoko Gibbs is a Coach Supervisor and experienced executive coach who has supported leaders in all across Asia Pacific region, including and not limited to, Japan, Hong Kong, and China for over 12 years. She has more than 20 years of corporate management experiences at banking, strategy consulting, consumer and IT industry. 

Satoko Gibbs

Ken Giglio

Ken Giglio, Principal of Mindful Leadership Consulting, a global leadership consulting and executive coaching firm with more than 130 coaches and coach supervisors partnering with top organizations globally. Ken is passionate about the importance of establishing a mindful reflective practice for the leaders he coaches as well as the coaches he supervises.

Dr Alison Hodge

Dr Alison Hodge, CSA's Consultant to Faculty and Curriculum, Alison is an EMCC coach at Master Practitioner level and APECS Coaching Supervisor. Her practice is underpinned by the Global Code of Ethices and APECS Ethical Guidelines. Alison completed her Professional Doctorate in 2014 and co-faciltates the first UK-based EMCC accredited programme in 'Self as Group Supervisor'.

Lynne de LayLynne’s career as an OD consultant, leadership coach, mentor, and coach supervisor spans over twenty years and three continents. She has worked with hundreds of senior executives from industries across the globe to expand their leadership capability and she works with coaches to keep them on their personal learning edge.

Lynne de Lay

Miriam Orriss, co-founder of the Coaching Supervision Academy and co-designer of the CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision. She has many years of supervisory experience in a variety of professional and business settings. Miriam continues her work as Executive Chair of CSA and lead tutor for the CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision course.

Miriam Orriss

Karyn Fletcher Prentice

Karyn Fletcher Prentice, My love of Nature and working outdoors in green spaces influence my view of my work, relationships, and care for the planet. I love Supervision as a creative space of equals both of us ready to learn and grow. Overall I believe all learning is best served by being enjoyable, with a willingness to be altered by the experience and deeply present to what may unfold in the process.

Monica Ross

Monica Ross is an ICF accredited coach and accredited supervisor with CSA. Trained in transactional analysis with a particular emphasis on working with leaders in organisations and with groups. She is a trained energy therapist and passionate about standards and ethics in coaching and supervision

We provide the best learning experiences for our students and the quality of the CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision is largely dependent on the exceptional quality, experience and support of the CSA faculty.

One recent graduate said:

"It has opened many new windows of interest and reflection. It allowed me to understand and practice what is important as a supervisor. It brought me into contact with great people from all over the world. A collective learning experience and generous facilitation."

CSA is a trusted global brand, known for its excellent supervision training and for offering supervision services to coaches, mentors, HR, OD, Educators and leaders. Our brilliant – and constantly expanding – international training team works on our programmes in US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. CSA created the popular Supervision Skills Course for Internal Coaches who wish to peer-supervise – this pioneering programme has become one of CSA’s signature offerings.

“People come to the course not for a person but for a team, a vision, a purpose, a culture and an ethos”

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