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Leadership Coach. Supervisor. Facilitator. Learning & Talent Strategist. |Let's chat. Is supervision the next path for you?
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Hello! I am Kelly Ross.

I have worked with my own supervisor for seven years and find my time with my supervisor to be immensely helpful. Supervision helps me to slow down to look at my work. My supervisor is a thought partner and a truth teller, and she pushes me to be my best as a leader, coach and human.

Supervision is reflective practice about your work as a coach and/or leader. Supervision provides a space and time to come together with a supervisor to delve into you as coach or leader and your coaching practice. Some who come to supervision are experienced coaches, some are newer to coaching.

Think of me as a partner who will support your looking back and looking forward in the spirit of developing yourself as coach and human. We will pause and look at your work from multiple perspectives: what you do especially well or where you sometimes stumble. We will consider how you get out of your own way in order to best serve your clients or your team. How you offer your coaching, the way you want to lead, and who your ideal client is might also be part of your reflective practice.

I am a learner. I have nearly two decades of coaching experience, a decade of that running a leadership business. I love to partner with coaches and leaders interested in reflecting on their work.
CSA Accredited
Professional Qualifications
Indiana University, Bachelor of Science Business Management and International Studies
Northwestern University, Master of Science Learning and Organizational Change
Hudson Institute Certified Coach
Hudson Institute Master Coach
Coaching Supervision Academy, Diploma in Coaching Supervision
International Coach Federation (ICF), Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
"Supervision is a gift to yourself because it gives you time and space to process some of the complex coaching situations you may be faced with over the course of an engagement. Kelly has an open and collaborative process. She really listens and asks thought provoking questions that supported me in finding experiments and solutions to try out."
Leadership Coach

“Working with Kelly as my coaching supervisor helps me analyze what’s working and what needs to shift and grow within my own coaching practice. Kelly supports my growth by helping me navigate new or tricky client situations and ground me in coaching best practices. As an experienced coaching professional, she is an invaluable sounding board and I am incredibly grateful for her insight and expertise.”
Rebecca Quigley, Coach

“I found great value in supervision. It created time and space for me to reflect on my own growth as a coach, to stretch my thinking about how I approach my work, and recenter myself on what I find most important.”
Jenn Abella Smith, Coach

"I found coaching supervision with Kelly to be valuable because you don't have to explain anything about your business or clients - she just gets it so you can go right to the heart of the matter. Kelly also does a great job of blending the mutual exploring and probing with sharing her relevant experience and perspectives to help her clients work through things."
Sunil Arora, Coach

“As coaches, we know everyone has blindspots and set patterns of behavior based on our own unique life experiences and upbringing. Supervision is critical to ensuring that as coaches, our own issues aren’t intruding on the space we need to create for clients.”
Leadership Coach

“Going through group supervision was like realizing you are able to breathe under water. When I brought my case to the group, I received so many great perspectives that I wouldn't have been able to think about by myself. It helped me to see a path forward when I was feeling so stuck. I also found a lot of comfort in realizing I wasn't alone with some of the struggles I was experiencing. Additionally, I got so much (maybe more?) out of hearing other people's cases and learning from the things they were struggling with. There is something special and unique about reflecting in a group of coaches that can't be replicated any other way. Kelly did an amazing job of holding the container for us to share openly, and learn collectively.”
Tiffany Chang, Coach
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