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Julie is an accredited and experienced coach supervisor and has contributed to CSA’s programs as a tutor and assessor since 2015. Her supervision practice focuses on senior leaders and executive coaches
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With a career in coaching and leadership development that began in the early 1990’s, Julie Johnson is among the most experienced coaches and facilitators in Europe. She has worked with thousands of individuals from over 50 countries across six continents. She teaches leadership and coaches EMBA students at the Rotterdam School of Management.

Julie specializes in helping leaders and their teams achieve higher levels of performance through the use of a powerful coaching and feedback framework, which she has developed and refined over many years. This framework embodies the philosophy and approach of Julie Johnson Consulting B.V. Her client portfolio includes a number of Fortune 500 companies, and it spans a variety of industries, including Construction, Consulting, Education, Finance, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Higher Education, ICT, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Sportswear and Technology.

Julie enjoys the diversity of a mixed coaching portfolio and works with professionals ranging from first-line managers to CEOs, as well as with multi-cultural teams. Her learning experiences are designed to deliver substantial and quantifiable positive changes in behavior before completion. Client feedback consistently confirms not only significant improvement in participants’ leadership skills, but also their successful practical application in the workplace over the long-term. Recent examples include the creation of a coaching culture in the EMEA region of a global consumer goods company, and the development of a transparent environment where effective feedback is openly exchanged at a global financial institution.

Personal: Originally from the USA, Julie has long had a passion for multi-cultural environments. She is an active volunteer member of the American Chamber of Commerce. Julie and her Dutch husband have adult children, and her free time is filled with family activities, fitness, cycling, piano, travel, cooking and baking and socializing with friends.

Style: Julie's clients describe her style as challenging and candid, yet respectful. She combines logic and intuition to stimulate new thought and perspectives, catalyzing the efforts of individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. Clients repeatedly report that her learning approach has had a significant positive impact on their careers and their lives.
CSA Accredited
Professional Qualifications
Credentialed Master Certified Coach (MCC) through ICF

Certified in over 25 psychometric instruments

Co-Facilitator for Hogan certification workshops

BA in Mathematics and Education

Master in International Management

Accredited CSA Global Coach Supervisor
English and Dutch, conversational Norwegian, French and Spanish
"Julie Johnson has served as my Coach Supervisor for the past two years. As a professional coach, I can count on her deep experience, listening skills, insight, and consideration to help me find clarity around my coaching challenges. Our sessions give me the space to articulate and work through my thoughts, so that I leave with a clear idea of how to move forward."

"I am finding this Coaching Supervision track most helpful! I feel very supported in my efforts to dot my I's and cross my t's at various levels of my development as a professional coach. As coaches we support our clients in their development, and I am a firm believer that we as coaches should also work on our continual development. I find my supervisor warm and genuinely caring, and she role models high quality work, as a coach and a supervisor."
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